The Cute Little Home Builder

He works hard to build his home on the top of that tree. His home should be strong enough to withstand storms and rains. It's going to be his future home where his family will dwell in peace. He was very excited about his new home does everything all by himself.

Hey, bird, You’re so busy these days, what’s the matter,” the curious cat asked the bird. “Can’t you see? I am building a home for me,” said the bird. “Wow, you build your home yourself, that’s very nice, not like we lazy cats,” said the cat.

The cute little bird is too busy flying back and forth to get building materials to build his future home, his cute nest. Working hard, he grabs construction materials carefully from around the neighborhood. Each time he returns, there will be something on his beak to build his cute nest.

Within the next few days, he will have a tough and beautiful home on that tree. It should withstand strong winds and hailstorms to protect his family. The female bird will come and inspect the home to decide whether she will live with him or not. The better he makes his home, the better partner he will get. His home will attract a female bird, no doubt about it. Together, they will grow a family.

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