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Elephant And Dino Story

Hey there, can we be friends?

Here is an old story, when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. They were the most powerful animals living at that time.  They ate a lot, had a big body.  When they walked, they crushed everything under their foot, including small and big animals. No animal would ever dare to mess up with them, because of their huge size and power.

One day, a Dino was walking to another side of the forest to meet one of his old friend. “Hello there, can we be friends?” Dino heard a feeble voice from behind. Looking back he saw an elephant standing on the top of the rock.  “Yes, we can be friends, but just tell me what you are doing on the top of that rock?” asked the elephant.

“You are very tall. When I look up and talk to you, I feel I am very small and ashamed of myself. Also, it’s a strain on my neck, that is why I climbed this big rock,” was the reply of the elephant. This made Dino laugh, he laughed and laughed to his heart’s content. They became good friends for the rest of their life.

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