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I Am Going To The Moon!

That's my final destination!

Once upon a time, there lived a crocodile. Everynight, the crocodile would come out of the water to sleep under the starlit sky. The crocodile loved the sky obsessed with the stars and moon.

“One day, I will go to moon,” he used to tell his friends.

“Why are you telling this always? Just go to the moon and send us some pics,” mocked his friends.

But the crocodile had no idea how to reach moon.

“If I had wings like a bird, I would have reached the moon,” the crocodile thought. He cursed himself to declare his ambition plan to his friends.

“Tomorrow, I am going to the moon,” said the crocodile. His friends laughed.

Next day, the crocodile didn’t return home. His friends searched him everywhere. They thought that the crocodile went to the moon. In fact, he walked mile and miles that night to a new place to live there.

Now every night his friends come out of the water to see if their friend reached moon.

“I’m going to the moon” is a funny story of a crocodile who had an ambitious plan to go to the moon.

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