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Phily, The Frog

Let The Music Begin!

Philly the frog was getting ready for her debut dance performance. The curtain raised, and she was in the limelight. Just then, a snake appeared from nowhere. The snake wanted to swallow Philly. Phily saw the snake and lost her peace of mind. But she was on the stage and safe.

Phily started dancing. Phily’s audience was completely awestruck at her superb dance performance. The snake patiently waited for Phily to finish dancing and come out to eat her. In the blink of an eye, Phily danced her way out of the stage and disappeared into thin air. The show was over.

The snake searched for Phily everywhere, but couldn’t find her The disappointed snake was angry and went to its home. Philly landed safe in her pond and continued to dance in the pond.

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