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A Donkey's Escape

Look at that bird. I want to be free like that bird.

A donkey was tired of its job. Every day, he had to carry a lot of weight on his shoulder and walk miles and miles. He couldn’t even complain to anybody about his hardship.

“I have been doing this for years. When will I get some time to enjoy myself? I have to do something about it,” the donkey decided to run away from his owner.

It wanted to get free and waited for the right time. One day, the donkey saw his master was in a drunken state. “This is the right time to free myself to the open world outside,” the donkey said to himself. While everybody was fast asleep, the donkey ran away.

It was a long journey for the donkey, who ran and walked miles and miles and reached a seashore. Seeing the sea was a new experience for the donkey. It stood at the seashore, watching the waves rise and settle down.

Suddenly, the donkey heard a sound and looked back. There was a lion standing behind the donkey. The donkey smiled at the lion.

“Hey, Mr. Donkey, what made you come here?” asked the lion. The donkey told his sad story. “I just wanted to be free like a bird flying in the sky,” the donkey said, looking at a bird flying in the sky.

“Mr. Donkey, you are a fool. You did a foolish thing freeing yourself. Now, I can easily kill you, but I am not hungry. So I won’t kill you. If you stay here anymore, another lion would come and kill you. You go to your master,” said the lion. The donkey was frightened by what he heard. He ran to the place he started.

“It’s good for me here doing my job. I will not try to free myself and fall prey to some predators,” the donkey said to himself.

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