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The Monkey Who Stopped A Train

monkey with a red flag
I must stop the train

The monkey walking through the rail saw the rail was broken.

“Oh, this will end up in a disaster derailing the train. I must do something fast before the train comes,” the monkey thought.

From a distance, it saw the train. Puffing black smoke, the train was fast approaching. The monkey had to do something to stop the train.

It was always fascinating for the monkey who had seen the railwayman waving a red flag to stop the train. He wondered how a red flag could stop the fast train.

Anyway, the monkey grabbed the red flag and ran towards the train.

“Hey, what’s going on here? A crazy monkey has stolen the red flag from the rail guard and waving,” the driver said to his second driver.

“No, buddy, there must be something seriously wrong! As per the rule, we need to stop the train if we see a red flag, right?” said the second driver.

So, the driver pulled the brake, and the train came to a halt, just near the wreckage.  The drivers saw that wreckage could have caused the train to derail and the death of many passengers.

The news, “The monkey who stopped the train,” spread like wildfire. But nobody ever saw the monkey again. As soon as the train stopped, the monkey disappeared into the forest.