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Monkey And The Elephant Friends

You can play with me!

Saved From An Elephant Trap

The Elephant and Monkey are good friends. Everywhere they go together. Both animals help each other in times of need.

One day they were walking around the forest. They saw something weird on the ground. It was shining bright.

“Hey, what’s that shining?” asked the monkey.

“Yes, it’s shining. Let’s go there,” said the elephant.

“Hey, stop here. I have been taught in school that not all glittering is gold. Sometimes it could be a trap too. Let’s first check it before we pick it up,” said the monkey.

“I will do the test then,” the elephant took a big stone and smashed it on the ground where they saw the shining. The stone fell into a deep pit.

“Hey, you see, it’s an elephant trap dug by the elephant hunters to trap elephants like you. From the outside, one can’t guess what lies under the hood. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible,” said the monkey. Both the animals ran away from that place.

“You saved me from the elephant hunters. Thank you very much,” said the elephant.

“Friends are for that, to help each other in times of need,” said the monkey.

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