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Welcome To Our Restaurant

I prepare food out of love!

The elephant restaurant is one of the most popular destinations among food lovers in the animal community. Though very expensive, the restaurant has earned a good reputation for itself, on tasty food being served there.

The snazzy restaurant is run by the food-lover elephant and his partner buddy, Mr. Fox.  According to restaurant owners, eating is all that is enjoyable in life. One should not limit spending money on good food. Good food makes you healthy is the slogan they put in the heads of their valuable customers.

Welcome all food lovers to my new snazzy restaurant. We bake everything out of love!. Enjoy your time with us, and have a great weekend!

The elephant has been a great chef himself. An expert in different culinarians from around the world. His partner friend, Mr. Fox is also a great chef, a specialist in fusion ideas. 

The Aroma Zone

Those poor animals who can’t afford the expensive menu in the restaurant are found lingering around the restaurant to capture the sweet aroma of great foods being prepared in the restaurant kitchen.

Chief Guests Tonight

Today, the chefs are very busy preparing a grand dinner for the VIP guests arriving tonight, the royal Lion family. The royal family visits the elephant restaurant every now and then. Oh, they have a board at the front gate of the restaurant, welcoming their chief guests.

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