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The Bear Adventure Story

Um, this house seems to be empty!

One day, a bear visited a village. It was midnight, and everybody was fast asleep. The bear planned to steal something from a house. So he tiptoed into one big house in the neighborhood.

He went inside the house. Luckily, nobody was in. So the bear decided to spend the night there. He had a great dinner in the kitchen. After the delicious dinner, the bear found a plush sofa and fell asleep.

“Hey, somebody, please help! There is a bear in our house,” the bear woke up from its sleep hearing people screaming. It was daybreak. People in that house returned from the tour and found a fat bear sleeping.

The bear couldn’t understand what was happening around him. It had forgotten that he was in a house in the village. Then slowly, he recollected what happened last night. He hurried out of the window to escape.

In the hurry-burry, the bear chose the wrong window, which was very small for him. He had a hard time getting out of the window. It was painful for the bear. Anyway, he was out of the window. The bear ran to the forest as fast as he could, chased by village dogs.

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