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He Must Be Practicing

elephant pushing against a tree
This elephant is gone crazy?

“Hey, look at that! What atrocity the elephant doing to the poor tree,” It seems that the elephant is honing its fighting skills for an upcoming fight with another elephant. It’s just like a boxer practicing his kicks on a sand bag.

The elephant is pushing its tusk hard against the tree. That’s not good for the tree. Anytime, the tree might fall. That will make a lot of small birds and squirrels living on the tree homeless.

But it is pointless arguing with the elephant. The elephant is still practicing its pushing skills against the tree. Tomorrow’s fight is crucial for the elephant to win. So he is practicing harder.

Poor tree, what wrong it did for the elephant to uproot it! But the tree stood strong despite the hard push it receives. Um, its roots must be deep into the earth that holds the tree intact!