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Monkey, The Scooterist

Here you go!

The monkey was fascinated by the scooter and quickly learned how to drive the scooter by observing the man who rides the scooter.

“All I have to do is to turn its accelerator, and the scooter will go fast.  I think I can ride on it,” the monkey was confident in riding the scooter and waited for an opportunity.

One day the monkey saw the man come home to take something he had forgotten. The monkey came down from the tree and jumped on the scooter, which was not switched off.  He turned the scooter accelerator, and voila, the scooter started running. The excited monkey screamed with joy.

But the monkey had no clue how to stop the scooter. The monkey was so frightened and jumped out of the scooter. Without nobody to control it, the scooter fell down. The man came running for the scooter and saw the monkey.

“If I get you in my hands, I will show you who I am?” the man angrily said to the monkey, who had already reached the top of the tree.

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