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Happy Frog In The Pond

Once upon a time, there lived a green frog in a pond. The frog was a happy guy. Always singing and jumping around in the pond, the frog was enjoying its pond life. One day, a duck came to the pond to pick some worms for lunch.

“Hey, why don’t you go out and enjoy yourself. You have been in this pond all your life. The outside world is colorful and vibrant. Come out of this pond. I will show you around,” the duck said to the frog in the pond.

“I am happy here in this pond. This is my world, and I don’t want to leave this place. Look here. I have everything available here. I have no good justification to get out of the pond. Sorry, bro. I can’t leave my sweet home,” said the frog.

The frog never left the pond and spent its whole life inside the pond.

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