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The Ant Soldiers And Elephant


“One, two, three…,” the baby elephant counted the ant’s march paste. They are going in a line, disciplined like an army of well-trained soldiers. It’s so cute to see you are doing march pasting. Are you soldiers going to war?” asked the curious baby elephant.

“No, dear baby, we are not going to any war, but we are collecting food before the winter. Because in the winter, we can’t go out. So we collect all food we get, as much so that we can survive the coming winter,” said the leader of the ants.

“Oh, that’s a new piece of information for me. Anyway, wish you ants all the best. I can see you are working hard all day. Is there anything I can do for you? Shall I also help you?” asked the baby elephant.

“That’s so nice of you, baby. But at this time, we can manage it ourselves. If we ever need any help, we’ll definitely ask you,” said the ant leader.

The ants continued their march past, shouldering big food particles on their shoulders. The baby elephant was still continuing the ants.

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