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Surviving an Avalanche

What is that sound I hear from a distance?

It was a winter evening, and everywhere it was covered by snow. The rabbit was in a hurry to reach home, returning from the job. Suddenly he heard a sound. Looking back, the rabbit saw a huge snowball coming down fast on its way.

“Hey, it’s an avalanche. Run for your life,” a bear called out from a distance.

The rabbit ran as fast as he could. But the snowball was rolling down from the top of the mountain to the direction the rabbit was running.

“Oh, God, please help me. I am going to die crushed under the snow,” the rabbit prayed to God.

Suddenly, the snowball was split into halves after hitting a rock on the way. The two snowballs went in two directions away from the rabbit.

“Hey, Rabbit, wow, you just escaped the snowball. You should thank the rock which made the snowball into halves,” said the bear, who saw everything from a distance.

“I should thank God, not to the rock. If I had gone in a different direction, either one of the snowballs would have hit me. I can see God’s hands putting me in the right spot,” said the rabbit.

“You are right. You must thank God. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge God’s hands in our lives,” said the bear.

The rabbit was saved from the snowball, which would have crushed him. The rabbit went home happy, singing a song praising God for saving him from the avalanche. Back home, he told his survival story to his family. They all together praised God and had dinner.

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