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Deer And The Lion

Hey, you are in great danger, please listen to me

The deer was walking alone in the meadow. It was a wonderful afternoon. The deer wanted to spend some time alone, away from the madding crowd.

“Tweet, tweet, tweet, please stop there, deer,” somebody called out from the top of the tree.

The deer looked above and saw the bird sitting on the tree. The bird was trying to say something, warning the deer. The bird pointed down the tree with one of its wings. The deer was shocked to find a lion hiding behind the tree with its eyes fixed on the deer. Anytime the lion will jump upon the deer. The deer understood why the bird asked to stop. It was the bird’s warning to save the deer’s life.

Without waiting, the deer turned around and ran away from the lion. Luckily, the lion was lazy, so it didn’t run after the deer. The lazy lion waited for the next prey to come on its way. But the lion never saw what the bird was doing to save the animals from him.

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