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Blind Man And The Dog

Let me help you to cross the roads

This silly street dog has shown an extra ordinary act of kindness helping a blind man to cross the road.

The street dog saw a blind man stuck in the middle of the road. Nobody was there to help the blind man to cross the road safely. The dog felt pity for the blind man, went straight to the blind man, and helped the man in crossing the road.

A news photographer took a picture of the dog and the blind man crossing the road. The dog became an overnight hero. The next day’s newspaper carried the photograph of the dog helping the blind man. The surprising thing about the stree dog was that the dog had never got any formal training to help blind people.

The blind man was thankful for the dog’s kind action. The street dog became the blind man’s pet dog, and he took care of the dog for the rest of its life.

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