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Special Song For The Elephant

It's so comfy, sitting on your trunk, baby!

The baby elephant drinking water from the river heard a sound. Chrome, chrome, chrome. On checking who was there, the elephant found out that it was the green frog making the sound.

The elephant met the frog for the first time.

“Hey, who are you? Why are you crying?” asked the elephant.

“Crying? Me? No, my dear friend, it’s my special song for you, little elephant,” said the frog.

“I am sorry, bro. I misunderstood you as crying. Anyway, it’s good that you sing that song. Can you please explain the meaning of your song?” asked the little elephant.

“The song is about you only, my dear. It’s about the kindness you have for small animals like us. Last time, I saw you saving a frog from the snake,” said the frog.

The elephant was happy about the frog and his song. They became friends.

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