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When A Lion Met A Fearless Deer

Why this deer is so brave!

The young deer had no fear of anything. In fact, it was not the fault of the deer, but the deer lacked the feeling of fear, that’s all.

One day, while playing around, the fearless deer saw a lion. It was the first time the deer saw a lion. Without fear, the deer went very near to the lion.

“Even big animals are afraid of a lion like me. But here is a young deer standing before a lion without any fear,” It was a big surprise for the lion. The lion stared at the deer, and the deer stared at the lion.

“I think this deer might be a monster in disguise. Or somebody powerful is behind this deer. Otherwise, how can a silly deer stand before me this cool?” the lion ran away without looking back. The deer continued to play with the butterflies around.

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