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The Croc Trap

croc grabbed the elephant on its trunk
I won't leave you!

It all happened in a matter of seconds. The poor elephant is in a trap. The thirsty elephant had come to drink water from the river. An unexpected attack by the mischievous croc made the elephant helpless.

This crocodile was doing this with almost all animals. Whenever animals come to drink water, the croc unleashes an unexpected attack with its strong jaws that are powerful enough to crush the bones.

The help for the elephant is underway. The elephant brigade has been notified by its monkey friend. Anytime, the elephant brigade will reach here. Hey, did you hear that? Yes, it’s the bold footsteps of the elephant brigade. Now the croc has to go back, or its life is in danger.

“Um, it seems the croc also fears the elephant brigade. Look at that. The elephant is now free to go.