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Hey, baby stop there

The Lonely Journey Of A Duckling

It’s time for a swim, the baby duckling thought. Her mother and siblings were still sleeping, so she decided to swim alone. She thought that there is no harm in swimming alone as her mother taught her very well how to swim. With her little paws, she paddled and moved slowly. By that time, she had mastered the art of swimming.

The duckling saw a fish under the water. “Hey, baby duckling, where are you swimming? Where is your mother? I am her friend. Baby, it’s dangerous to swim here. A crocodile is hiding there to eat innocent creatures like you going near to him. If he sees you, he will not leave you, he will eat you,” warned the fish. “Oh, thanks for the information, dear fish. I must return now,” the duckling said. Exactly that moment, the duckling saw the crocodile with his wide-open mouth coming fast towards her.

She paddled with all her strength to the safety of her home.  The crocodile was behind her. It was a miracle that she managed to escape the crocodile. Back home, her mother and siblings were still sleeping. She was shivering with fear. It took some time for her to calm down. “I will never swim without my mother because she very well knows where the danger lies!” she vowed herself.