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How We Became Friends

elephant and the train
Here my friend is coming!

Here comes my friend, spitting thick smoke onto the air. He is a fast and furious train, powerful like me. But our first encounter was a bit painful for me, which happened a few years back, but I still remember.

I stood on the rail somewhat adamant. The train loudly horned a few times to make me aware that he is coming. But being arrogant, I just ignored the train and didn’t move from the rail. He was coming very fast, had no option other than hit me, and throw me away. He had already applied his brakes, I got my life back, but the hit was painful.

After that painful incident, all my arrogance vanished. It turned me into a good elephant, and we became friends. This train runs through this place once a week. I wait for him to say hello. Every time he passes through this place, he brings me something, sometimes it is a bundle of bananas, sometimes it is other leafy eatables which I love to eat. Now you know the secret why I am so excited to see him!

Look at that thick smoke from his nose, his excitement when he sees me.  Good friends are like that complement each other.