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The Little Blue Toy Train

Wow, It's running sooo fast!

The little boy woke up that morning couldn’t believe his eyes.  There was a beautifully wrapped gift box placed near his bed. The boy opened the box, saw a cute little blue toy train smiling at him. He was so happy with that gift. He started screaming, running around the house because of excitement.

It was a gift from his uncle who paid a visit to the family. The toy train was a special one, a replica of the original one. But before he can play with it, he had to assemble several pieces of rails, engines, and wagons. He invited his friends from the neighborhood to see his little toy train. His friends were also excited about hearing about the toy train.

“Uncle, can you please help me to do it,” he begged his uncle.  “Ok, let’s do it,” said his uncle and helped him to join the rails together, engines, wagons were linked with each other. His uncle inserted the batteries into the engine. The only thing left was switching the engine on!

The boy pushed the switch on that started the engine. It started running, dragging the little wagons behind it. First slowly, and gained speed in a matter of seconds. “Wow, I am the engine driver now. I will take you to places, please buy some tickets,” he told his friends. All laughed and played together for a long time.

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