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The Lion And The Rabbit Monsters

lion and the monkey
Beware of Monsters!

It was midnight in the forest. The bright full moon was smiling in the sky. A hungry lion was out in the moonlight for a hunt in the forest. “This moonlight will help to find some good hunt today,” the lion thought. With full confidence, the lion walked around.

A monkey saw the lion. “Hey, Mr. Lion, Please go home. Some monsters are hidden in the bush. If they see you, you will be eaten,” screamed the monkey.

“Are you kidding? I am a lion, and lions won’t fear monsters. Moreover, I don’t believe in any monsters,” said the lion.

“I am serious. If you want to see yourself, go and see. I won’t be responsible for anything that happens to you,” said the monkey.

The lion slowly walked towards the bush. His heart was beating like anything. Though the lion bosted about himself, he had a doubt deep inside his mind.  “If the monkey was right, then what will be my fate,” thought the lion.

“Hey, something is moving inside the bush. The monkey was right! There seem to be monsters inside the bush,” the lion said to himself and ran for his life.

“Hey, monsters, please come out. You are now safe,” the monkey said. A group of rabbits came out of the bush. They thanked the monkey for saving them from the lion.