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Elephant And The Rolling Stone

elephant and the stone
See, I can do it!

The baby elephant, who was playing in the river fascinated by a cute round sone. He pushed the stone, and it started rolling. He was thrilled, and proud of his skill to make the stone roll.

The rain had started marking an end to the scrotching summer. One day, as usual, the baby elephant came to the river, but the stone was not there.  He searched for the rolling stone, but he couldn’t find it anywhere. The baby elephant missed the stone a lot.

“Hey, mom, where is my stone?” asked the baby elephant.

“I didn’t see it. Maybe it’s gone forever. You were always pushing it,” said the mother elephant.The elephant was disappointed and began to weep.

“Please stop weeping, my dear son. The stone will come back again,” assured his mother.

After a few months passed, it was summer again. The rivers started drying. One day, as usual, the baby elephant came to the river and saw his rolling stone again. He jumped with joy. “Where were you all this time?” asked the elephant.

“It all depends on the water in the river, baby. When the water level rises, I go hiding. Now there is less water, and I am here for you. Now let’s play,” the stone said.