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How God Blessed Us

Um, you are so good at swimming!

It was a wonderful morning. The duck was having a great time swimming in the river. The duck noticed a bird sitting on the tree, staring at him for a long time. 

“Hey, bro, what’s up? I think something bothers you?” the duck asked.

“No, nothing. I was watching how you swim so perfectly. From where do you learn to swim? I also want to swim like you,” asked the bird.

“I haven’t learned a thing about swimming. It’s all in my blood. Do you know something? When God created us, he blessed us with some unique features. I know how to swim, but I can’t fly. You can fly but can’t swim. Right?” asked the duck.

“Yes, that is right, bro. Each of us gifted whatever we needed to survive, not a penny more, not a penny less! We can’t ask for more. God is a great giver,” said the bird.

“That’s true. Let’s praise God for his vast and wonderful creation,” said the duck smiling.

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