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A Bird Talking About Her Eggs

I love my eggs, they are precious for me!

Do you wonder why I am still in my nest without going out to enjoy the great weather outside? As you can see, I am an expecting mother, and I am happy about that. These eggs under my belly are precious to me. If I don’t guard them, who will do it?

My babies are sleeping inside these eggs. So I won’t leave this place until the eggs are hatched because they need my care and protection. I have many responsibilities to do as a caring mother for my babies.

My babies are safe under their strong eggshells, which offer protection and security until they break free from their eggs to the outside world.

Oh, no! That cat is staring at me. I know that cat has no good intentions. He wants to steal my eggs. I need to be careful with that cat. Luckily, he won’t dare to climb this tree. The last time the cat tried to climb the tree, the ants in the tree taught him a lesson by biting him. The cat lost its grip and fell from the tree. Maybe he is planning another way to reach my nest. I need to be alert more than ever before.

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