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The Cruel World Outside

“Children, please do not go out of our farm, this is the safest place for us.” Mother pig warned her two sons. “Ok, mom, we will not go that far,” they replied. As they were strolling around the farm, a cunning fox was watching the two young pigs from a distance. He wanted to eat them, but first he needed to bring them our of the farm. The cunning approached the little pigs and invited them to his home.

The fox promised the little pigs that he will give them a lot to eat to their heart’s content. But they told him that their mother warned them not to go out of the farm. “Oh, I am very sorry a about you, your mother doesn’t want you to enjoy the beautiful world outside”  fox Sai. “We don’t know why our mom wants us to remain inside the farm, maybe we’ll come with you,” they replied. They believed the fox story and went with him to his home. Reaching his home, the fox killed the pigs without any mercy. He and his family had a great dinner that night.

Kids, this story teaches us an important lesson. Restrictions are a great protection, even if we don’t know the reasons. Obey your parents and enjoy your life.

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