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I Am Happy To Introduce Jingo

Here he comes, the great performer Jingo, the elephant. He is not just an elephant, but he is a legend of our times. Intelligent and smart, he performs the tricks no other elephants can’t even dream. He can wave his long trunk to the tune of music, also can dance.  Being the top performer of this circus,  he is enjoying a good company of kids. I am happy to introduce Jingo, the outperforming circus elephant.

About Jingo. An elephant joined the circus at a very young age, got trained under the strict training masters. At first, trainers were doubtful about Jingo, because of his large body whether he can perform well. But, he mastered everything in a short period. During his performance, he makes kids laughing. But he is not happy, he misses his parents in Africa, where he belonged. On a fateful day, he got captivated and sold to the circus company.

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