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Sharing Information Is Learning Information

Wow, you are very lucky!

There lived a happy tortoise deep under the sea, who had a passion to learn new things and make new friends. Sometimes he swims to the land to find out what is happening in the world above him. One day while strolling on the land, he met a beautiful bird who have from a faraway place.

The curious Tortoise asked the bird about what she can see from the sky above.  The bird said about many things she saw flying high on the sky, people working on the fields, kids playing, cows grazing. “You are very fortunate to have two wings to fly free above the clouds,” the tortoise said. “Yes, I love my freedom of flying, but you can see things under the sea, which I can’t see,” the bird said to the tortoise.

“Now tell me what it is like living under the sea?” the bird asked the tortoise. The tortoise was happy to share his experience under the sea. He shared what he saw under the sea, about the beautiful creatures, coral reefs, and big blue whales.

“Our world is so big that, there is no end to our learning,” the bird said to the tortoise. “That’s true, only through sharing the information we can get new information,” the tortoise agreed.

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