Sharing Information Is Learning Information


tortoise and bird talking

In the countryside, there lived a happy tortoise. He had a passion to learn new things and make new friends. One day, he met a beautiful bird who came to the countryside from a far away place. He asked the bird curiously about the spectacular views she can see from the sky.  The bird said she can see many things flying high on the sky, people working on fields, kids playing, cows grazing. “The beautiful countryside is full of life, I just love it,” she said.  “You are very fortunate to have wings and fly above the clouds,” the tortoise said. “But you can see things I can’t see,” the bird said to the tortoise.

Then the bird asked the tortoise what he can see under the lake. The tortoise was happy to share his experience under in the lake. Sometimes he goes to the sea, to meet his friends. It’s a different world under the sea, full of life and creatures that’s hidden from the out world,” he said.  “Our world is so big that, there is no end to our learning,” the bird said to the tortoise. “That’s true, only through sharing the information we can grow,” the tortoise agreed.

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