Why You Should Go Slow Sometimes!

two cars racing

Two cute brown cars were riding too fast along the mountainside road. They were racing against each other, but the narrow road was not good enough for their racing. But none of them was willing to be behind the other.

Suddenly, a gigantic truck full of load appeared from the opposite direction. “Hey, can’t you see the truck, why don’t you give side, go back,” shouted one car. “No, I won’t, you go behind,” shouted the other car. Before they could finish their argument, the speeding truck hit the cars with a strong force. Both the cars fell from the cliff with a loud noise.

Only if those fools acted smart, one bird from the tree whispered to herself. Sometimes, it’s Ok to be behind somebody, if it could save the situation. Be smart, but don’t be over smart, the bird told to its kids.

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