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Noah's Arc And The Bird

Noah and his family were happy to see the bird. They were waiting for the bird to return, and now here she is coming back with a green olive leaf in its beak. A sign that floodwaters have fallen.

It’s almost one year in the arc, floating on the flooding waters. Noah and his family were longing to see the outside world, A completely new world were waiting to be revealed before them. They thanked Jehovah God for helping them out from the flooding waters. The whole world was under water. God has given the idea to build an arc of such gigantic size before it started raining for continuous Fourty days. He even dictated the exact measurements for the arc they were building. The arc was accommodating all sorts of animals, Lions, Elephants, Rabbits, Giraffe and you name it, the arc had it.

That day marked the beginning of a new era for mankind. You can read more about it in your Bible. Take your bible and start reading the book of Genesis.

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