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The Brave Countryside Rooster

He did it again!

The rooster in the countryside is brave and always busy. From dawn to dusk, the rooster is busy running here and there. Every morning, the rooster gets up early before everybody else. First thing first! It goes to the rooftop and lets the people know about the beginning of a new day by his crowing. Now it’s time for his daily chores. He goes to his family to make sure that all his chicks are safe and healthy.

Hunting worms is the rooster’s favorite hobby. He is an expert in picking up the best worms to eat. He is a generous giver and shares the food with his family and friends. Even before worms are aware of the rooster, they are picked from the ground and gulped by the rooster. It’s so fast. He is a proud father of many cute chicks.

Another duty of the rooster is fighting the eagles that fly down to catch young chickens. The rooster is a born fighter. Eagles who try to catch little chickens are scared of the fighting rooster.

One day, an eagle came down and almost picked a little chick. Seeing that, the rooster jumped from the ground and kicked the eagle. The unexpected attack made the eagle leave the chick and fly away.

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