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Story Of A Steam Engine

Steam locomotives were powerful heroes of yesteryear.  Even in the midst of hard working conditions they left behind a colorful history for the future generations to come. Here is a story of one of such powerful steam engine who loved challenges and loved working hard.

Smoky is a steam engine brave and honest. Every day he starts from the station very early in the morning. He was a mighty engine pulling wagons behind him to go long distances without any stops. He hates taking rest and performs his duty everybody liked him because of his punctuality. Even village folks used to adjust their watches when they hear the whistling sound Smoky had. He was very passionate about his job and a hard worker too.

His life was not always free from challenges. Sometimes it was full of adventures like the one where he was being followed by a group of train robbers. Read the Kindle version of Smoky and His Steam Adventures and find out more about Smoky.

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