Singers Of The Pond

three frogs and a duck
You are singing too bad!

In a pond, there lived three singers. They were three frogs who took pride in their singing.

“Chrome, Chrome, Chrome,” three frogs were singing as a chorus in the pond. They love to sing before it rains. “Will stop this nuisance?” a duck who came to the pond scolded the frogs. She said the frogs are not singing well, but she sings very well and started singing, “Quack, Quack, Quack,” the duck started singing.

When the duck finished her singing, the frogs clapped, and the duck was happy. “Thanks for your appreciation guys, you are my friends. To celebrate our friendship, let’s sing together,” the duck said. The frogs and duck sang together, and it was a beautiful song. After their beautiful song, it started raining.

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