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Proud Dog And Envious Fox

By The By, Nice House!

One day a wild fox visited a dog in the countryside.  By seeing the dog’s lifestyle, the fox became envious.

You have got a beautiful house to live in, Mr. Dog.

“Yes, it’s because I am a pretty dog. Because you are a fox, you live in the wild, Mr. Fox. People love a dog than any other animals because we do many good things to help them. That is why they build nice dog houses for us! I love it. This is my world!” said the dog.

“Yeah, that’s true. I should have been born as a dog,” the fox said.

As they were talking, the dog’s master appeared. He asked the dog to get inside the doghouse. The dog reluctantly obeyed him. After the man disappeared, the fox again came to see the dog. Seeing the dog inside, the fox laughed. “Now, I think I should remain as a fox only to enjoy my freedom. If I was a dog, my life would be limited to a doghouse,” the fox said. The dog cursed himself for boasting too much about himself.

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