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Some Lion Thoughts

Going For A Walk Around!

That was a heavy lunch I had today on a fat antelope. It took sometime to overpower that animal, because an antelope runs so fast. After an hour of chase, finally I made it. But there was another problem, hyenas. I am fed up with these hyenas roaming around. They somehow find out when I am eating my hunt. A group of hyenas appear from nowhere, and try to steal my food from my mouth. Sometimes we lions have to fight hard with these hyenas to get rid of them. They come in groups, and we have a tough time with them. After a long time, I had this great lunch which made me sleepy. But a lion needs to be aggressive always. An attack could come from anywhere you go!

Problem With Elephants

We usually avoid elephants. But at times, some unavoidable meetings happen between us that ends up in a fight. An elephant takes it an opportunity to prove his strength over the lion.

Being a lion, I have a lot of things to do. Getting food for my cubs, taking care of other animals who require my help, and so on. I love the roar that helps me to get my prey frozen with fear. A lion who knows how to roar perfectly will not have to stay hungry! What do you think about a lion?

Your Thoughts