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Rooster And Cow, Helping A Friend!

Get Out Of My Territory!

A rooster was living in the countryside, who thought very highly of himself. He was a beautiful shining red rooster, who believed that he was the king! One day, he saw a cow grazing in the meadows. He didn’t like the cow grazing in his area. “Hey, what are you doing here? Don’t you know this is my area?” the roster was angry with the cow. The poor cow was shocked and didn’t know what to say.  “I am sorry, I will leave this place if you don’t like me to stay here,” she said. Immediately from nowhere, a wildcat appeared. The wildcat was rushing towards the rooster to attack him.  “Please help me,” the rooster screamed.

What did the cow do? She immediately threw the wildcat away. The wildcat cried in pain and ran away to the forest where he came from. The rooster also was not seen anywhere as he went hiding, because he was too frightened. Later that day, the rooster came to the cow and said that he was really sorry about what he said in the morning. “Please stay here as long as you like. If you were not there in the morning with me, I would not be here alive talking to you. Thank you very much,” the rooster said with tears in his eyes.

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