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Skater Elephant

I Just Love Skating!

I love this skateboard. Now I can go anywhere. The only problem is this bumpy road. But I enjoy riding it. I just have to stand like this with occasional push with my leg.  I have seen some boys doing it, now I can also do it, it’s quite an achievement, I should pat on my shoulders, but not now!

Ha, Ha, I am in full speed, nobody can stop me now!

Oops, I lost my balance. Ah, it’s a steep downhill I am riding. I don’t know what to do. How to stop this dam thing? That stupid tree is standing in my way. Hey, tree, give way, or I will crush you, and we both will get injured.

Where am I? Where is my skateboard? Thank God, that was just a dream. If you are a skater, let me know why you love it? Let me know in your comments.

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