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Dog And The Bird

Be Patient, I Will Explain It To You!

Hey bird, why are you here? Looking for the paddy field?” the dog asked the bird. “Yes, where is the paddy field gone? The last time I was here, tI had plenty of stuff to eat, but now it is just muddy ground. What happened?” the bird asked curiously. “I am sorry to let you know that the paddy field has been cleared for some new buildings supposed to come here. So you have no chance here. You better go to some other place to find food,” said the dog.

The bird was sad to hear that. It was so shocking for her learning about the paddy field. She flew all the way from the other side of the mountain to this place in the hope that she will find some food for herself and her babies. But now she is disappointed. “Ok, dear friend, I am going to find food from some other place,” she said.

“Wait, I will get you some food, the dog said, and he took the bird near to his doghouse. There was plenty of stuff to eat and drink. The bird had a great meal on the dog food. The dog also allowed the bird to take some food for her kids. With tears flowing from her house, the bird thanked the dog, for the love he shown to her, and flew away to her nest.

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