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Don't Chase Your Dreams!

I Am Sorry Dady

The dad elephant was worried about his missing child. After spending a lot of time searching for his baby he finally found him.

“Here you are! I was searching for you everywhere. Oh, baby, I was shocked when your mother told me that you are missing since today morning. Why are you so adventurous giving us parents such heartbreaks? What made you disappear? “

“I am sorry, dad. I saw a beautiful butterfly and was following it and lost my way back home. It all started yesterday night. Yesterday night I saw a butterfly dream. In that dream, a blue butterfly took me to a beautiful place where there were plenty of things to play and eat. Today morning I saw that same butterfly again, and I was just following my dream by following it. Now I understand that dreams are just dreams and I should not take it real. Thank you for searching me dad. Glad to see you, dad. Let’s go home.”

“I don’t want to make you sad scolding you. But if you forget yourself like this, you will fall into danger. Please be aware that you are still a baby and you need help. You have not yet grown up. Please do not repeat it, ok?”

“I will never ever go out without your permission, dad. Thanks for finding me.”

When his mother saw her baby, she was very happy. Her crying turned to laughter. She started dancing with joy. All elephants joined dancing with the elephant family.

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