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Rat And The Bird Friendship

Oh, I can't believe I am flying about the clouds!

“Hey, why are you looking so sad?” asked the bird when it saw a rat on the river bank.

“I am sad because I want to fly. But I know I can’t fly because I have no wings,” said the rat.

“Don’t worry, my dear friend. I will give you a free flight. Just jump upon me,” the bird invited.

The rat sat on the bird. The bird flapped its wings and started flying. It was an exciting experience for the rat. When the bird reached the sky, the rat looked down.

“Oh, my god. I am afraid I will fall down,” will you please take me down,” the rat pleaded to the bird.

“No problem, my dear friend, here we go,” said the bird, and the bird turned around and landed on the banks of the river. The rat thanked the bird for giving him a great flying experience.

After some days, the rat saw the bird trapped in a hunter’s net. The bird was crying and tried to get out of the net. But the hunter’s net was so strong the bird couldn’t get out of the net.

“Hey, what happened to you?” asked a rat who came that way. It was the same rat who flew with the bird.

“Oh, my dear friend. I’m so relaxed to see you. Please help me to get out of this trap,” the bird pleaded to the rat.

“Don’t worry, friend. You will be freed in no time. Just stay calm,” said the rat, and it immediately sprang into action. With its strong teeth, the rat started working on the net. One by one, the rat cut the net into pieces, releasing the bird out of the net. The bird was happy and thanked the rat for saving its life.

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