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How Bilky, The Rabbit Was Saved From A Fox

I'm Trapped

Bilky, the rabbit, was hopping around near the bush. There was nothing much to do for him because he had a heavy breakfast that morning. Bilky needed to spend the energy hopping around the bush and messing with the bees flying around.

Then, he saw a terrifying scene from a distance. A fox was walking towards the place where he was playing. “I am in trouble. I need to do something to save myself from the villain fox,” thought Bilky. He immediately went hiding in the rabbit hole.

As expected, the fox was there. He walked to and fro, looking for something to eat. Bilky sat inside the rabbit hole without making any noise. Then something unexpected happened. The fox saw Bilki hiding inside the rabbit hole. He put his hand inside the rabbit hole.

When the fox pulled his hands out of the rabbit hole, he was in for a surprise. The fox saw a python snake in his hand. The snake started to wrap his body. The fox couldn’t run and even couldn’t make a noise. The big python swallowed the fox and finished him in no time.

Bilky is now even more terrified. How to deal with the snake. He thought the snake would eat him next.

But, the snake had no intention to eat Bilky. “Be in peace, my dear friend. I won’t eat you. Only because of you I got the fox. Now, whenever a fox comes to eat you, I will do the same thing. I will eat them,” the python said.

Bilky thanked the snake for saving his life and continued to hop around the bush.

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