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Monkey Boys And Rhino

We will help you dear

The monkey boys playing on the top of a big tree saw a strange animal passing through under their tree.

“Hey, I see a monster walking down, everybody on high alert,” one of the monkey boys screamed.

It was a rhino passing through that place who lost his track and was wandering in the wild. When the rhino looked up, he saw many curious monkey faces staring at him.

“Hey, boys, I don’t mean any harm. If you can help me, I will find the right path to my home,” said the rhino.

“Yes, we can help. Can you tell us some landmarks of your place,” asked one of the monkeyboys.

“I live where the river starts, where plenty of mango trees grow on the riverside,” that’s all I can tell you about my place.

When the monkeyboys heard about mango trees, they were happy to help the rhino. From tree to tree, the monkeyboys jumped to locate the rhino’s place.

Soon, the monkeyboys located the rhino’s home and took him there. Rhino was happy to reach his home. The monkeyboys had a feast on mangoes growing there. They returned to their home with a lot of mangoes in their hand.

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