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Don't worry, baby! I will give you company.

Protecting The Baby Rabbit

“Hey, Is everything alright?” asked the elephant.

“No, dear, this baby rabbit is missing his mother. I am giving company to the baby until his mother returns. But it is late, and his mother has not yet come,” said the bird.

“No worries. I will give protection to the baby,” said the elephant.

“That is no nice of you,” said the bird.

While they were talking, a fox appeared from nowhere. Seeing the baby rabbit alone, the fox came running towards him. The fox didn’t notice the elephant. When the fox came closer to the rabbit, the elephant took the fox by his trunk and threw the fox away.

After some time, the baby rabbit’s mother came. The baby rabbit was happy to see his mother and ran towards her. The mother rabbit thanked the elephant and the bird for caring for her baby.