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How The Elephants Crossed The Cliff

Two elephants lived on two sides of a cliff separated by a river. They come to the cliff every morning to exchange a few words and go back. The elephants had no idea how to cross the cliff to meet each other.

One of the elephants met a monkey. The monkey was known as a great problem solver.

“Hey, monkey, will you please help us? We two friends want to meet each other, crossing the cliff. But there is no way to cross the cliff, no bridge, nothing,” said the elephant.

“No problem. You ask your friend to come down from the cliff. You also come from down the cliff and walk along the riverside till you meet in the mountain valley,” said the monkey.

“Wow, that’s a great idea,” thanks for your advice,” said the elephant.

Soon the elephants met each other on the mountain valley and enjoyed the company. Together they spent hours before going back to their own territory.