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Rescuing A Baby Elephant From Water

Hold it tight, baby!

“Baby, please don’t go near the waters. It’s dangerous to play in the water without me around,” warned his mother.

But the baby elephant was determined to play in the water. The elephant didn’t pay any attention to his mother’s words. One day, while his mother was away, the baby elephant decided to play in the river.

The baby elephant slowly put his leg on the water. The water was so cool. The baby elephant was in the middle of the river, and he felt he was being dragged down.

“Help me, I am being drowned,” the baby elephant cried for help.

Suddenly his mother appeared from nowhere. She threw a rope at the baby elephant and asked him to hold it tight with its trunk. With a lot of effort, the baby elephant came out of the water.

The mother elephant didn’t say anything. But the baby elephant burst into tears.

“I did a wrong thing. I disobeyed you. Sorry mom,” the baby elephant said, crying.

“No problem, my dear child. Someday, when you are grown up, you will have all the freedom to do whatever you like. Until that time, be patient and listen to me. Ok?” consoled the elephant’s mother.

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