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Bear And The Night Sky

The stars are smiling at me

It was a summer night. The bear was taking a rest after a great supper.

He looked at the night sky. Stars were blinking in the sky.

“What a wonderful night sky,” the bear thought.

“Hey, Mr. Bear, I can see you are thinking something deep. Please share your thoughts with me if you don’t mind,” said an owl who saw the bear lost in its thoughts.

“Oh, I was looking at those stars blinking in the sky. It looks like they are talking to me when they blink their eyes. I wonder, who placed those beautiful stars in the sky?” said the bear.

“Yes, you are right. The stars make our sky beautiful, shining like pebbles. The stars are made by God, who created all of us on this earth,” said the owl.

“God, who is he? Have you seen him? I wish I could see God,” said the bear.

“Nobody can see God. He is so powerful, but we can feel his presence everywhere,” said the owl.

“Wow, that is good to know. Thanks for that information. I admire God because he made everything perfect and beautiful,” said the bear. The owl smiled.

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