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Bidding A Farewell

Please take me with you

The bird came to see the puppy for the last time. Tomorrow the bird will be flying to a place far away on its migration trip. When the puppy saw the bird, it came running. The puppy was happy to see the bird.

“Hello, puppy. I came to say goodbye. Tomorrow, I will be migrating to a new place. Before winter, we birds have to fly to a new place,” said the bird.

“Oh, I can’t think you are going away. Will you take me also with you?” the puppy asked.

“No, my dear friend, you should stay here. I can’t take you with me to the place I am going. It’s a faraway place, and I don’t know what kind of situation there. Because I have never been there. You stay here. It is better for you,” said the bird.

“I am sorry to see you go, my dear friend. Anyway, wish you a happy journey,” said the puppy.

The two friends spent some time together that afternoon. After their meeting, the bird flew away to join other birds to start their long flight on the migration. The puppy looked at the sky, watching his friend flying away.

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