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Dutiful Rooster

Where are my kids?

The rooster got up early in the morning. Every day the rooster wakes up early in the morning before everybody else.

He had to crown many times to wake the sun up because it was a winter morning.

Sunshine woke the countryside up. Kids were getting ready for school. The rooster has many duties to do. His routine starts with walking around, looking for worms for breakfast, and helping the hen look after their kids. The rooster needs to be alert about the eagles who come down from the sky to snatch the chicks.

Oh, here is a cat coming to the rooster. “What’s wrong?” asked the rooster.

“Hey, I was looking around. Your chicks are in danger. I saw an eagle taking rounds in the sky. I think he has plans to snatch your kids,” said the cat.

“I won’t leave my kids to any eagle. Thanks for letting me know about the eagle,” said the rooster and ran to its kids. The cat was right. An eagle was flying around in the sky.

“Hey, kids come to me,” the rooster called its kids.

The eagle saw the rooster and flew away. He took the kids to a safe place.

It’s sunset, the end of a long eventful day. It’s time to rest until the next daybreak.

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