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My Life As An Underwater Sea Turtle


sea turtle on a rock

I Think It’s Time Hide In My Shell!

Hello kids, I’m a sea turtle, talking to you from under the sea. It is always calm and cold here. We are a big underwater community. There are so many creatures under the sea, which you may not have seen in your lifetime.

Big whales and sharks pass me, but they don’t see us as their enemy. Heavyweight blue whales visit me quite often, and we discuss many different things, including our family life. We are also facing a crisis, that’s about polluting the sea with hazardous chemicals opened to the sea. There is nothing much we can do about it, only you can do it to prevent it from happening. Last time my blue whale friend shared me her story about how she had a narrow escape from whale hunters. We are feeling so insecured even under the deep sea.

You must have noticed our shell. No, it’s not a burden for us, you will be surprised to know how our shell makes us smart.  Our shell is hard to crack, and when we sense any kind of danger, we go hiding in our shell. Our attackers think we are just another piece of rock.

I am busy today, I have to go to shore to lay my eggs. First, I’ll dig a hole in the sand with my hind leg, and lay my eggs in that hole. Ok, that’s another story.

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